WayFinders conclusion of "Real Operations V9"

WayFinder participated in "Real Operations V9" that was conducted 30th May 2020 on ATS. We were there with four drivers and we had a great time! Highway that was closed, emergency vehicles that need to pass, wide vehicles on the road and of course, a lot of accidents.

"Real operation" is not something you can explain, it must be lived, this was my first "Real Operations" on ATS and i had great fun with my co-workers, i don't know the official count but my "trucky app" logged around 1200 players on the event server, and i think all of us had equally fun during this event.

The real reason i am writing this post is because i want to congratulate and salute the teams within TMP that made this possible, especially the "Asset" and "Event" teams. your work for this event was golden. I know there are a lot more teams and people "behind the scenes" that have worked really hard on this event and i want to salute you too!

Now i know there were some server issues during the event, but for me that was expected, packing in so many people on that "small area" with that many custom assets, well i was expecting it any way. I want however to salute the people that resolved the server issues as swift as they did.

So to conclude, a great event and I with my staff on WayFinder Transport are eagerly awaiting "Real Operations V10" on ETS2!