A month with WayFinder - July

Hello and welcome the new monthly newsletter that we will try to post at the turn of the months. Here we (management) will try to summarize the past month and look forward to see if there is anything interesting happening during the upcoming month.

So without any further ado let's go on with the statistics for the month of July:

In Total WayFinder's divers drove 78 404 km (48 718 mi) with 121 loads, that is a meager 647,9 km average per load.

Together we hauled 2 662 430 kg, that is 22 003 kg average per load, and that is pretty good i think.

Together we made € 3 102 270:- profit that is € 25 638:- average per load.

In other news, we got a new employee during this month, please welcome "boden?" to the WayFinder team, and please also welcome back to "Alexandertorell" after a short leave of absence.

Looking forward there is no big happenings coming up as what i am aware of, but i would bet on that the new ETS2 DLC (Iberia) will come during this month, we in the management will of course inform you as soon as we hear something.

To conclude this newsletter i would like to summarize July like this, a long and slow month for WayFinder and there is no specific cause for that more than life it self, soon summer will end and darker, colder days will come and perhaps WayFinder will blossom then, who knows, we all have to wait and see. I and the rest of the management would like to wish you all a really nice and good August and until the next newsletter, Take care!