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WayFinder Transport VTC

"We always find the way for your cargo"

WayFinder's purpose

The purpose with this VTC is to create a pleasant and stimulating environment that promotes friendship, happiness and create a team spirit when you play Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) and/or American Truck Simulator (ATS). In order to create this atmosphere the Term of Service (ToS) shall be obeyed by everyone and all.


Click the "Truckbook" button to come to our company page. From there you can apply to our VTC.


Discord is our main channel for contact. Here you interact with other members of this VTC, if you click the "Discord" button below you will come to our server.


TruckersMP is the platform that everyone uses to be able to play multiplayer. We have a registed VTC page at TruckersMP, when you click the button below you will arrive at our page.